I want to make a ban appeal. Click the #ban_appeals channel and make sure to click the pin icon so you can follow the ban appeal format.

What do i get if i boost the discord server with nitro? Can add 1 emoji to the server as long as you continue to boost the discord server. Let a staff member know what emoji you want to add. Also unlocks the pink nitro booster rank with Gold level permissions.

I'm Iron rank again after re-joining the discord server, why? To prevent players raging out and continually leaving/joining the discord server, you'll lose your rank on discord if you leave and re-join multiple times.

What difficulty is the server on? Currently the server is on Hard.

Is keep inventory on? No, it's too OP. Granted, players can have some OP perks but keep inventory defeats the game. Keep-Inventory is however enabled on Farmtopia as it's a different type of server.

I want to PvP, where can i go? Check out /warp pvp - /warp cpvp and be sure to read the arena rules.

I lost my rank. How do i get it back? Message a staff member that is in-game or in discord #staff_help and we'll get on it.

How do i become staff? We promote players to staff who we feel are trustworthy, active, mature and has shown a willingness to help others which takes time.

Penguins! Polar Bears!

How do i make a shop? Learn how to make at shop by going to /warp shopinfo(edited)

Where do i view the ranks / vote / rules info? /warp ranks - /warp vote - /warp rules - You can also do /rules in game to read the rules or see #information channel.

How do i give someone access to my chest / door / locked items? Type /cmodify playername then punch the item.

I have a ton of stuff to unlock / add friend to, is there a quicker way? You can type /cpersist (to make commands stick) then /cmodify playername and punch. Retype /cpersist and punch floor to disable.

How do i make a public chest? You can /unlock the chest or players can only add items in and not taking items out by typing /cdonation

How do i add someone to my claim? /trust playername while standing inside your claim.

How do i claim land? Use a golden shovel and select two corners by right clicking. Make sure there is enough width.

Does the nether/end get reset or expand often? Yes, they expand at the start of every month along with the main world.

Does the server reset? Yes, rarely! Resets usually are every 2+ years, however we could reset after a year but it's unlikely.

What farms are banned? All Enderman farms are banned. Why? Enderman farms are too insane, 300+ XP in an hour. No automatic wither skeleton farms, you can expand the platform and slab the nearby area only. No spawn blockers on platform & no bait. No main world gold portal farms, Why? Portal farms hog up spawns and lag. 0 tick farms are allowed but not huge. Free farms aren't allowed, you must charge a fair price for access. Charge what you deem reasonable and honest. Anything that is super excessive in size/laggy.(edited)

I need staff, where are they? Staff have lives as well, but we often have someone about. You can message in the discord #staff_help channel.

How do i rank up in game? You rank up and earn better perks by voting for the server. You can view the links by typing in game /vote check /rankup as well

Where is the discord invite link? Copy this link -> https://discord.gg/yjAaxc9

How do i get fly / donate to the server? For unlimited fly see the store link -> https://bit.ly/3u6SMgU

How do i use the discord in-game-chat? You will need to link your minecraft account with that bot. You can do this by doing the following: Type /discord link in game and note the code. Send a message to @Server Bot 2.0 by clicking it's name here and send it the code. Your minecraft account is now linked to your discord account.

How do i rank up on discord after Iron rank? All future rank ups are at staff discretion based on your discord activity. Basically if we think you're active on discord, you'll rank up. Check out #discord_roles

I can't post, How do i get Iron rank / Basic Perms? To unlock the Discord Iron rank with basic permissions you need to verify your Minecraft Username: Type /account link YourMinecraftUsername in #chit_chat Post /Profile @YourDiscordName in #staff_help A member of staff will then add your Iron rank.